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Five craft ideas to keep your kids busy during the lockdown

 Crafts are a great way to foster your child's creativity (Photo: Shutterstock)

If your child is anything like mine, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep their spirits up during the lockdown. Add to that the fact that the school term has been pushed to September and you have some pretty cranky kids missing school and their friends. 

When the novelty of TV and YouTube has worn out, we as parents need to come up with new ways to occupy and entertain our children. One way of doing this is by engaging them in crafts. This is a great way to get their creative juices flowing and help them pass an hour or two in the course of the day.

Below are some craft ideas that can keep your kids busy during the lockdown.

1. Thumbprint family tree

This is a great way to educate your child on the members of your family. Start with your parents (their grandparents) at the base of the tree and proceed to include everyone in your extended family. Use different colours of paint for the thumbprints to make it more interesting.

2. DIY snow globe

My daughter has developed an obsession with snow globes and I thought that instead of just buying one, I could involve her in making her own snow globe. Get a clear, glass jar with a tight enough lid. A mason jar will do. Then pour glitter glue and some glitter into the jar, screw the lid on tight and you have a DIY snow globe. 

 Decorate paper mache bowls with fun colours and prints (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Collage

This allows for maximum creativity. Your kids can create different pieces of art and then with your help, stick them on some manila paper. You can include photos from your adventures and some from magazines on the collage and hang it up on the wall.

4. Paper mache bowls

I remember doing paper mache in primary school. It was so much fun and a great excuse to play around with water and paper. Use some old newspapers for this DIY. Make glue by mixing flour and water into a paste (the same consistency as pancake batter). Cut the newspapers into strips, about one inch thick. Then, using a bowl as a mould, dip the newspaper strips into the paste, and place on the bowl. Wipe down the strips to ensure the strips aren’t too wet before placing them on the mould. Once complete, leave to dry for about 24 hours and then paint the paper mache bowls in your favourite colours.

5. Bubble wrap prints

If you happen to have some bubble wrap on hand, use them to make prints. Wrap the bubble wrap around a container of your choice making sure it is tight enough so that the bubble wrap doesn’t move about. Apply paint on the bubble wrap and make prints on a piece of paper. Use different colours of paint and you have a simple, colourful piece of art that you can frame.

There are many crafts you can do with your kids during this lockdown. This is the perfect time to bond with them and encourage them to get creative.

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