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How to arrange or store food in your fridge

 How you arrange your fridge will help reduce your chances of getting food poisoning (Shutterstock)

Have you been getting overwhelmed by the number of items in your fridge going bad?

It could be the meat juices dripping on the salads or the butter getting too frozen to cut.

How you arrange your fridge matters a lot. When done correctly, it will help reduce waste, your chances of getting food poisoning and lower your weekly shopping bill significantly.

Here are tips on how to store food in your fridge

Upper shelves

Being your fridge's coldest part in most fridge models, this area is best suited for meats.

When keeping meats here, ensure that they are wrapped well prior to prevent cross-contamination. On the off-chance they drip off any juices.

Middle shelves

Put dairy products in this space. Cheeses, yogurt and butter can do well here as it isn't too hot nor too cold.

Lower shelves

This section is best for foods that need minimal cooking. Left overs and delis are delights that can be stored in this section. It isn't too cold and offers good temperature for such foods.

 Eggs go on the fridge door area (Shutterstock)

Fridge door area

Your eggs go here, most fridges come with compartments for storing eggs here anyway.

This is actually the warmest part of your refrigerator. Use this section to store foods that have natural preservatives like jams, juices and pickles.


The drawer section is often an enclosed compartment of the fridge, mostly at the very bottom. It plays a primary role in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. Store them, and salads in this area.

Be sure to avoid putting items like bananas and onions in this area as they emit gases which could ripen or make other vegetables go bad.

You may use this compartment to store herbs too as they aren't meant to be frozen.

Be sure to check out the status of your fridge often as you clean all corners. This procedure will guide you better in noticing any spoilage, spills, leaks or when an item wrongly placed.

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