Evewoman : Simple hack to remove limescale from kettles without buying cleaning products

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Simple hack to remove limescale from kettles without buying cleaning products

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It can be a bit unnerving to see limescale floating around in the water as you fill up your kettle for a brew.

It's also pretty difficult to remove, and with no amount of rinsing making the situation any better, many look to splash out on cleaning products to get the job done for them.

But it turns out the only thing you may need is likely already sitting in your kitchen cupboard - and can be picked up at the shop at a small price.

One woman shared the brilliant hack to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook Group, where many of its 526,000 strong members heaped praise on her for her helpful hint.

It's so simple to do (Image: Facebook)

Uploading before and after photos as evidence, it showed her see-through kettle looking as good as new as a result.

Revealing her secret, she said all it took to achieve was adding lemon juice to the kettle, leaving it to sit for about an hour before adding a small amount of water and boiling it.

She added that she had used about a quarter of a bottle of lemon juice, rather than squeezing a fresh lemon, and topped it up with a small amount of water before boiling it three times.

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As the lemon and water begin to heat up, she says all the limescale simply 'starts to go', as reported by The Sun.

The results are incredible (Image: Facebook)

She also advised not to add too much water as it can boil over the top when the lemon juice fizzes.

Other members suggested combining white vinegar with water to get the same results.

One wrote: "You can also boil vinegar - just don't use it afterwards - store it in a container as you can use the same vinegar many, many times."

Another pledged to make the switch over to lemon juice, commenting: "I normally use white vinegar in mine but can't stand the smell, gonna have to try this.

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