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How to deal with your long distance relationship

Like any other relationship, long distance relationships are founded on love, trust and respect (Shutterstock)

To many, long distance relationships are a pitfall they would not want to get into. Contrary to that, long distance relationships can be beautiful when the parties involved are committed. Life is full of curve balls and you might find you and your partner separated geographically. This isn't to mean that the spark you have can't last. Here's how to keep the flame burning

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Set clear boundaries

Proceeding into a long distance relationship without any boundaries is a trap. This is greatly because you'll easily find yourselves doing whatever you like without being bound by relationship rules. It goes without saying that infidelity is a no-no, not unless you want to break your partner's trust. Sit with your partner and express your expectations and fears beforehand, then work together towards meeting expectations and keeping your promises.

Embrace technology to communicate

Long distance relationships are made easier today because at the tap of a button, you can communicate with your partner. Take advantage of Skype or other forms of video calling apps, or voice messaging. These will make you feel closer to your partner.

Life is full of curve balls and you might find you and your partner separated geographically (Shutterstock)

Make future plans

When shall you meet next? Coming up with plans for your next visit will spark things up as it gives you two something to look forward to. You are able to be excited in planning for your next meeting. To make it fun and more imaginable, get to the nitty gritties of where and what you'll do together when you meet.

Do stuff together even when apart

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Believe it or not, you can watch a similar movie with your partner. Using technology, take advantage of providers such as Netflix and binge movies. Get active in a common online game, dance session or anything both of you like doing. This will strengthen the bond and make you feel no different to people living together.

Have accountability partners

Let's face it, it can get lonely when you're away from your partner. To wade through the tough times when you're almost losing it, have a friend who can keep you grounded. Such friends are the ones whom should check in with you on how you're doing and can probably notice something is wrong between you two, acting as a mediator.

Take advantage of video calling apps,they will make you feel closer to your partner (Shutterstock)

Stay committed

A relationship without a high level of commitment is like an unmanned gate. Anyone can walk in. If you are committed to your partner by acknowledging them, talking about them to the people around you and avoiding compromising situations, you'll be breathing life into your relationship.

Believe that a long distance relationship can work and it will. Like a relationship where people live together, long distance relationships are founded on love, trust and respect.

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