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Interesting ideas for your kid’s birthday during the coronavirus lockdown

You can hold a small celebration attended by the family (Shutterstock)

The lockdown and the social distancing regulations are leaving children bored and cooped up all the time. Parents are desperately seeking ways to keep their children amused without having to leave the house. While it is now a struggle to keep children entertained on a normal day, rubber meets the road for parents when their children are having a birthday and they want to make them feel special.

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The coronavirus lockdown has abridged the ability to host celebrations and parties. Nonetheless, it has also pushed parents to think outside the box and come up with newer ways of commemorating and communicating their special feelings towards their children. We have a few ideas on how to make your child feel special on his or her big day despite the lockdown. Take a look:

Have friends make video calls

No doubt you can have friends and family make video calls and celebrate your child’s birthday. You can also have a live stream when cutting the cake so that his or her friends can tune in and be part of the celebration.

For those who are unable to make calls, you can ask their parents to have them send short clips and voice notes wishing your child a happy birthday.

You can make the birthday boy/girl feel involved by helping during the preparations (Shutterstock)

Bake a cake together

Cakes are the climax of every kid’s birthday party. Since you have time, you can bake a cake. While at it, you can make the birthday boy or girl feel involved by joining in and helping bake their cake. You can also let them decorate their cake.

Decorate the house

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As a family, you can put up decorations and make your dear one’s day feel and look special. Since movement has been restricted, you can gather decorations from a previous birthday or those from New Year and Christmas. Also, you can find tips on how to make homemade party decorations as you get creative with DIY’s.

You can let them decorate their cake (Shutterstock)

Have a balcony party

Perfect if you are staying in an apartment with balconies facing or overlooking each other. Once you’ve set a time, you can ask your neighbours to inform their children about the party and have them sing happy birthday to your child from their balconies.

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