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Seven potential benefits of orgasms

Hormones released during orgasms have been found to have relaxing effects; that “feel-good moment” (Shutterstock)

Orgasm is basically that powerful sensation that discharges accumulated sexual tension. Hormones such as oxytocin and other endorphins released during both male and female orgasms have been found to have relaxing effects; that “feel-good moment.” Here are some of the benefits of orgasms:

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1.    Combats Insomnia

A cocktail of feel-good hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin are released during orgasm. These neurochemicals are clinically proven to relax the mind and improve the quality of sleep.

2.    Reduces prostate cancer risk

Research published in British Journal of Urology International suggests that frequent ejaculation could help lower the risk of prostate cancer for the middle-aged and older (50+) men. This does not in any way advocate for reckless sexual behaviour among men. The same study, however, cautions younger men in their 20s and 30s that frequent sexual activity could increase the risk of the same.

3.    Tackles stress

An orgasm may take a few seconds, but research suggests that the health benefits may still be felt a week or two after. The calming effects of the hormones produced during orgasm combats stress and lowers blood pressure.

4.    Radiant skin

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You do not need to invest heavily in anti-ageing creams; the increased blood flow during orgasm will give your face that flushed look. This is due to stimulated collagen production when blood vessels open up. Collagen keeps the skin plumped and gorgeous. The post-sex glow gives you that youthful look at no cost.

5.    A self-esteem booster

Sexual health is linked to psychological and social well-being. Ability to experience orgasm makes one feel in tune with his or her sexual needs and desires.

6.    Better heart health

Any form of physical activity is linked to efficient heart functions. It is a bonus when sexual desires are fulfilled since it will seriously benefit your heart health. There is a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease in older men and women who regularly experience orgasm.

7.    Pain relief from migraine and flu

When men suffer from flu, an orgasm could initiate components of their immune system that could fight of the bug faster. And thanks to the endorphins, studies indicate that pain tolerance increases by 7.6 per cent in women who experience orgasm.

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