Evewoman : Five night-time habits that will make your mornings better


Five night-time habits that will make your mornings better

A good night's rest will help you have a stress-free morning (Photo: Shutterstock)

A good morning is more than just waking up on time. It entails slowing down your mind so that you can sleeping peacefully, getting ready without a hustle and leaving your house knowing that your life is somewhat in order. We all wish we could sleep in a little particularly on those cold, rainy mornings. However, when you’re a bit organised, you can actually wake up a little later and still get to work on time without running around mindlessly.

If you dread waking up in the morning, adapting the following habits could help you transition from sleep to productivity in no time.

1. Get ready for the day

One habit that I have taken up is laying out my clothes for the following day before I go to bed. Nothing leaves me as frazzled or wastes more time like changing my outfit multiple times in the morning. When I got into the habit of putting together a complete outfit the night before, I found that my mornings went a lot smoother and I wasted less time getting ready. It also ensured that my outfits were well thought out and I had no regrets come morning.

Other habits you can adopt as you prepare for the following day are writing your to do list, washing your water bottle and letting it air dry, packing your snack and lunch and ensuring you know what you will be having for breakfast.

2. Gratitude

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to practice gratitude. Spending just five minutes every evening thinking about and writing down just three things I am grateful for has helped lessen my stress levels and is helping me have a more positive outlook towards life. I no longer spend hours brooding over the challenges I am facing. Instead I am able to look at and be grateful for what I have and what I have accomplished.

Take the time to drink your tea while it is still hot (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Speak to someone

I’m an introvert and the downside of this is that I’m naturally reclusive, especially when I am stressed. This doesn’t bode well when you are trying to wind down and sleep. You need to let it all out, the good and the bad, and there’s no better way of doing this than by talking to a trusted friend, family member or lover. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to touch base and this will not only help you relax but will remind you that you’re not alone in this world.

4. Have a hot, relaxing drink

Whether you’re a hot chocolate or night-time tea drinker, this is a habit that will set you up for a good night’s sleep and, consequently, a refreshed morning. Make a show of preparing your drink and take time sipping it while it’s still hot. Don’t just gulp it down when it has already cooled. You can read a book as you sip your tea instead of watching TV. Remember, less screen time is important if you wish to have a good night’s rest.

5. Clean up

I noticed that doing a bit of housework helps me relax and, knowing that my chores are done also puts my mind at ease come morning. Hence, I have made it a habit to clean the dishes after dinner, straighten up the sitting room and neaten my wardrobe before I sleep. Waking up to a tidy house makes for a smoother morning routine and reduces the number of things I dread going back home to.

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