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Six benefits of self-love

 When you encourage yourself more, you’re able to filter the things you don’t like about yourself (Photo: Shutterstock)

Having more compassion and being kinder to yourself has many benefits. It makes you radiate positivity and creates a huge impact on those around you.

There are many ways you can practice self-love including saying daily affirmations, taking care of your body, choosing to be your own cheerleader and being mindful of the people you choose to relate with.

With these small adjustments, you will reap all the wonderful benefits that come with it.

Let’s look at some of the powerful benefits of self-love you may not know about.

i. You appreciate yourself more

To be honest, there are some days you find it hard to notice anything good about yourself. You look in the mirror and criticize yourself for that small pimple or for the little extra weight gained. When you encourage yourself more, you’re able to filter the things you don’t like about yourself and focus on the things that you do. And with time, you’ll learn to appreciate your flaws too and work on them without being too hard on yourself.

ii. You’ll be better at damage control

There are times when things don’t work out the way you expect them to. It could be a time when something embarrassing happened during the day which would normally put you down. But, the power of self-love will help you forge through those tough and discouraging days while being more compassionate towards yourself. Your general attitude towards life changes because you’re now less critical of yourself.

 Self-love helps you become more purposeful while dating (Photo: Shutterstock)

iii. You realize your potential

When you practice self-love, your confidence in your abilities grows giving you that much needed push to achieve your goals. Thus, you become more productive working hard so that you can reap better results at work/school.

iv. You’re able to date confidently

Well, well, well, the experts have been right all along. You must love yourself before you can love anyone else. You can’t give what you don’t already have, right? A cycle of self-hate prevents you from choosing suitable partners and the end result is break-ups. Before you put yourself out there, you must ensure that you have healed from past trauma, hurt and pain so that you’re fully able to play your part.

If at all you experience a break-up you’ll keep your emotions intact and avoid beating yourself up for things you have no control over.

 You will stand out and others will look at you as a role model (Photo: Shutterstock)

v. You become an inspiration to others

People love to emulate those who love themselves. One who practices self-love is more confident, focussed and happily living their best life. With majority of society looking for validation elsewhere apart from themselves, the person who practices self-love is self-assured and self-accepting. These are traits that will make you stand out and others will look at you as a role model.

vi. You’ll notice the toxic people in your life

Setting healthy boundaries when dealing with people is an essential part of self-love. Your eyes are open and you start to realize your true value. People who struggle with self-love often keep toxic company around them to fill a void. The deep fear of being alone or not feeling worthy of love can make you look for it in all the wrong places. Instead, self-love inspires you to see your worth and have the courage to burn some bridges or walk away from harmful relationships if you need to. And if you ask me, this is one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself.

What are you currently worrying about?

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