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Valentine’s Day fashion with KTN’s Fridah Mwaka

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Newly married TV sensation Fridah Mwaka proved that you can still rock red for Valentine's and look fierce. 

Her jaw-dropping outfits were proof that you can still look sassy after marriage.

The TV queen made her statement by stepping out of her comfort zone in stunning red dresses:

What is Valentine’s Day to you?

It is a day of love for everyone. I choose to spend the day spreading love especially to those who don’t have any. I spend Valentine’s Day at children’s homes, visiting widows and street kids. While this holiday has been centred around people in love, or rather, those feeling love, I find it necessart to also extend this love to those who are yearning for it.

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Red is the Valentine’s Day theme colour. Is that what inspired your shoot?

I have more than 15 red dresses. I have a thing for colourful dresses and red does it for me. I find colourful dresses flattering, particular for the plus size woman as they tend to tone down our look. Red also boosts my confidence and challenges me to be bold. I also adore the connection red gives me with my fans. I get a lot of appreciation and applause from my fans whenever I wear red and I believe that only highlights how good red is on me.

Fridah Mwaka’s fashion tip for the girl looking to make a statement this Valentine’s Day?

Wear something comfortable. Of course make it sexy but most importantly be decent. Being sexy isn’t about exposing yourself because it’s the day of love. Love is not about being naked. The less you expose, the sexier you look. Less is attractive.

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Photos: Golden Eye Creation

Hair: Human Hair Centre

Dresses: Nzuri Couture

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