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Six ways to handle stress

If left unresolved, stress that can lead to health problems (Photo: Shutterstock)

Stress is something that we have all come across at one point. We get stressed from school work, jobs, family issues and other areas in life.

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We know that we can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives. There’s actually good stress which can push you to do better and learn to work under pressure. At the same time, we have bad stress that isn’t healthy and has no benefits at all.

Here we want to focus on stress that can lead to health problems, like high blood pressure and causes a lot of damage whenever it’s not managed.

With these tips we have, you’ll learn how to handle that kind of pressure whenever it comes up.

i. Write it down

Witting down your feelings is very therapeutic. It helps you to release some tension while you put things into perspective. When we constantly think about our problems, it’s hard to point one cause and think straight. Our minds get clouded with unnecessary things all the time and this adds fuel to the stress. The moment you write your thoughts down, you’re able to really focus on the main problem and break it down until you feel better. This is a very useful way to declutter the mind.

ii. Get a pet

Animals are sent from heaven. They are able to love you unconditionally and have the power to calm you down whenever you are stressed. Even statistics show that people who own pets might actually be generally happier. Do you agree? If you don’t want to own a pet, you can even decide to visit a shelter over the weekend and pet or feed some animals. Don’t underestimate the power of spending time with animals when you are stressed. They can cheer you up instantly.

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Meditation helps you maintain a healthy emotional balance (Photo: Shutterstock)

iii. Meditate

Meditation is also a powerful tool when it comes to stress management. There are different ways you can mediate so there is something for everyone. You can take a quiet walk to the park by yourself, take deep breaths in a quiet room, read some Bible verses and many other things. Meditation helps you maintain a healthy emotional balance so this is great way to cope when you feel on edge.

iv. Hang out with people you love

Spending time with people you love is one of the best ways when it comes to stress management. The fact that you are with people who you know love you and appreciate you helps you be yourself again. Spending time alone during these tough days can also be toxic in some cases. So if you can, hang out with a few friends, spend time with mom or have a coffee date with your favorite cousin.

Exercising can help your mind and body recuperate (Photo: Shutterstock)

v. Hit the gym

Doing some exercises helps the body and mind recuperate when you’re not feeling your best. It helps your mind focus and release any negative energy that you’ve stored up for a long time. Even better, it pushes you towards your body goals which is even more encouraging. The next time you’re feeling stressed, grab your gym clothes and head out or do some simple work outs and Zumba in the comfort of your home.

vi. Simply rest

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Sometimes all you need to recover is some rest. This is a time when you can focus specifically on taking a nap, watching your favorite show and bumming all day. You don’t always have to be active because this can often make things worse. Adding more activities to your list can backfire and leave you feeling more anxious than ever. Don’t feel guilty if you need to just do nothing at all for a day. It’s important to have those days off and everyone definitely needs one of those.

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