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Meghan Markle takes trip down memory lane as she shares pre-wedding photos

Meghan has shared some lovely photos from around the world (Image: PA)

Meghan Markle has taken a trip down memory lane by sharing old photographs of some of the charitable work she has done.

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The Duchess of Sussex marked International Day of Education by sharing memories of her work on the Sussex Royal Instagram page.

The Duchess shared the photos on Instagram (Photo: Mirror)

She and Harry posted pictures of engagements around the world both before and after their wedding in 2018, including Meghan's visit to Mbandazi Primary School in Rwanda in March 2016, months before she and the Duke met.

A statement on the page said: "Today, on International Day of Education, we highlight the importance of access to education for all.

Some of her photos were from visits she'd made around the world before she met Harry (Photo: Mirror)

"The Duchess of Sussex has focused on this both prior to becoming a member of the Royal Family and now as patron of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (@The-ACU-Official).

"Working closely with CAMA, both The Duke and Duchess recognise the benefit both personally and to society at large when a young girl has access to education.

The Duke has supported a range of great causes (Photo: Mirror)

"On their recent tour to Southern Africa, the Duke supported the initiatives of @Camfed on the ground in Malawi.

"Over the years, The Duchess has worked in developing communities, such as in Rwanda and India, to find the hindrances to girls' ability to go to school and furthermore to stay in school.

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Meghan's photos showed a range of engagements (Photo: Mirror)

"These can include lack of access to clean water, stigma surrounding MHM, cultural taboo, and many more reasons...

"As President and Vice President of The @Queens-Commonwealth-Trust, The Duke and Duchess thank all those who are working to give access to education for all."

Meghan and Harry are passionate about helping good causes (Photo: Mirror)

Meghan was given her patronage of the ACU in January 2019 when it was passed to her by the Queen following a three-decade association between the charity and the monarch.

The couple shared the pictures on International Day of Education (Photo: Mirror)

Another photo shared on the page showed the Duchess at an ACU event in South Africa in September 2019 while she and Harry were on a tour, while the duke was pictured with a choir in Malawi during the same trip.

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