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What you need to know this December

Who said celebrations mean lots of cash in your hands? (Shutterstock)

As the year comes to a close, many families will indulge and spend big, but financial experts warn these decision usher in financial misery in the New Year. December Holidays is a season where proper celebrations for the privileged are audited on grounds of mountains of junk food cleared, volumes of alcohol taken, cash spent on travelling, buying of new clothes and ‘murdering’ hens, goats and cows.

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However, here are a few thing to remember about your spending this Christmas

  • It is not a criminal offence not to join the fray of celebrating. These are challenging times of valueless cash. Don’t just spend so as to be seen to be competing with others
  • There is no big deal in December. It depends on your spending discipline. We only have Christmas and New Year as the hallmarks of December festivities. Those other days are a creation of spendthrifts
  • Live within your means. Buy that which you can afford. Celebrate cautiously and do not engage in those carefree lifestyles that bring us gory stories of suffering in the festive seasons
  • Who said celebrations mean lots of cash in your hands? If your salary savings will not be enough, then you better celebrate silently

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