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When to buy your wedding dress

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Other than looking forward to exchanging vows, one of the bride’s biggest decisions has to be her wedding gown.

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Brides need to shop for their gowns early to avoid last minute rush. If done within the required timeframe, she will have an easy time picking out the best gown within her budget and most importantly, have enough time to get it fitted accordingly.

Once you identify the perfect gown you need to stop looking at wedding gowns because planning a wedding is all about decisions and having second thoughts will lead to set-backs. To avoid common mistakes while shopping for the gown, some things need to be put into consideration.

Here are some tips on when to buy your wedding dress.

i. After you get engaged

You start by identifying what you would like, the cost of it and the design. Shopping for your gown just after your engagement will also give you ample time to search for the perfect gown without rushing or last minute shopping. You shouldn’t shop too early or too late.

ii. After choosing the venue

Your wedding venue can at times determine the type of gown you settle on. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, a destination wedding or simply an AG wedding, this needs to be factored in to complement the theme and venue.

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Ensure you set a budget for your wedding before you start looking for your gown (Photo: Shutterstock)

iii. After setting the wedding budget

Before starting any wedding planning, you and your partner need to decide on the total wedding budget with allocations for each expense. Once you know how much you need to spend on your dress, you can go ahead and start looking for your gown. Do this backwards and you will suffer from disappointment when you discover the gown is above your budget. Always work with your budget. Armed with this, you can now be able to decide whether you want to have a custom-made gown or shop for one online.

iv. Consider spur shopping

This means you buy a dress based on how you think you will look in that dress. You should never be talked into shopping a size down based on your hope to lose weight. Should you lose weight as your big day approaches you can alter the dress closer to the date. Choosing a size down might end up being a big risk leaving you with no room for change.

v. On the eighth month

This is when you should buy your dress and settle on it. Many stores and tailors will require a deposit for the dress. If you’re getting it custom-made, an early deposit will give the tailor ample time to work on it. This being Kenya with the horrendous stories of tailors doing this or the other, you need plenty of time ahead if you really want that custom-made dress. In case anything happens to the fundi you can still get a replacement in good time.

Visit your tailor early enough to give him enough time to start working on your gown (Photo: Shutterstock)

vi. On the fifth month

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At this point you need to shop for undergarments like if you’ll do a strapless bra, body shapers or even going braless. The right undergarments will not only hold everything in place for a seamless finish but they should also be comfortable enough for a day of celebration. You can also choose hair accessories and select the shoes you will wear at this point as well.

vii. On the third month

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This is a crucial stage where you need to go for your first fitting. Avail yourself and make proper arrangements to ensure you don’t miss any appointments. Take this opportunity to carry your undergarments and shoes. This will allow you to get the full picture and should any alterations need to be done, this will be the best time to do it.

viii. Three weeks before the wedding

This is the final stage to go for the last fitting and you can tag along a friend or family member to see the outcome of it.  Once the gown is ready, find a good place to keep it and ensure everything else is also in order.

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