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Five people you should not invite to your wedding

Be careful not to invite a guest who will only end up ruining your big day (Shutterstock)

Planning a proper wedding is hectic and no one would wish to have more trouble during the D-day by having guests who will ruin it.

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We are in December, and in Kenya, this is the season where most people try to fulfill their dreams by ending the year on a high, mostly by exchanging vows.

The idea of coming up with a guest list to grace your occasion is a critical thing that most people find perplexing and many do not know how to go about. Here is a list of the people that 'thou shalt never' have at your wedding:

  1. The gateman

This usually despised man at the gate knows all about the men who came into your house when you were not yet in the picture. The gateman is like a CIA server room with cryptic details about you that would be exposed at the very least provocation in your wedding.

  1. Your friend-zoned pal

This the person who has been hitting on you unsuccessfully and now has the 'bro' title. He is not only a threat but a dangerous chap who would stand when the pastor reads the famous "if anyone loves this girl he should stand up or forever keep his silence.'

  1. Ex-lover

If you want to avoid nostalgic tears, or aggressive parking lot fights at the after-party, then your ex-boyfriend is a no in your guest list. Exes can easily spoil for you when it gets to the part when you are exchanging vows and kissing. Stop complicating things, he is your ex, let him belong to the past.

Inviting your boss puts you at the risk of having everything you do at your wedding being used against you at your place of work (Shutterstock)
  1. Daily drinking uncle

We all have that one uncle who drinks to the stupor in a family. Well, if you don't have one, then look closely. Drinking uncles are fond of causing scenes by fighting, cracking X-rated jokes in a public gathering and all sorts of inappropriateness. If you want to avoid embarrassments while seated at the bride's tent, then avoid a drinking uncle.

  1. Your boss

Remember anything you do in your wedding is under the watchful eye of your boss and can and will be used against you in the court of your work station. If you would not be comfortable dancing and having fun with your superior watching, then just give the boss a cut.  

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