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Facial massages for a natural face lift

A facial massage lifts and sculpts the muscle tissues in your face and neck (Photo by Park Street on Unsplash)

Giving yourself a facial massage at home is like getting a face lift without going under the knife. Not to mention that it costs a lot less than getting cosmetic surgery. Massaging your face with the right technique lifts, tones and sculpts the muscle tissues in your face and neck.

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Doing this also boosts circulation and brings more oxygen into those areas. Oxygen increases collagen production and elasticity in your skin to slow down aging. A facial massage also drains your lymph glands – reducing a bloat - as well as lift your cheekbones.

Following the right massage directions on your face increases circulation in those areas (Photo by Huda Beauty)

Begin your facial massage on clean skin by properly cleansing your face and neck. Afterwards, apply a plant-based oil to your face, i.e., jojoba oil, vitamin e oil or almond oil. The oil is supposed to create slip between your hands and your skin, reducing friction. These oils will also leave your skin looking radiant and glowing since the movements of the massage will make them deeply nourish your skin.

Using upward and outward strokes, massage your face following the correct direction of movement, as shown above. Take your time with this process and be very gentle. Spend a few seconds on each area, being sure to massage upwards and outwards. Doing this a few times a week for as little as five minutes will really improve the look and texture of your face!

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