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Why you should wash your face for at least one minute

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Image: Instagram (@jackieania)

Did you know that you should ideally be washing your face for at least one minute? Your skin collects dirt, oil and dead skin which need to be washed away, and all it takes is your ten fingers and a facial cleanser!

The "60 econd rule" is the process of cleansing your face for at least one minute (Image: Icons8 team on Unsplash)

Taking a full minute to massage your cleanser into your skin deeply cleans your pores, preventing future breakouts. This method of cleaning your face is called the "60 second rule”, as conceptualised by U.S. based esthetician, Nayamka Roberts-Smith.


All you need is a good cleanser and your fingers (Image: Park Street on Unsplash)

Worry not though, washing your face for 60 seconds won’t dry out your face, just as long as your cleanser suits your skin’s needs. You don’t need an expensive cleanser or any fancy tools and that’s why this is the ultimate skin care secret that you need to try!

Starting with clean hands, lather your cleanser between them to create foam. The foam is what will properly clean the surface of your skin. Gently massage your face in circular, upward motions while being gentle around the delicate eye area. You can use a timer to countdown from 1 minute, or sing the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Belair as recommended by Nayamka.

Afterwards, pat-dry your face and follow up with the rest of your routine Image: Instagram (@jackieania)

Pat-dry your face with a paper towel or clean face towel, followed by your regular skin care routine. This facial massage not only deep cleans your skin, but it increases blood circulation to your face giving you radiant, glowing skin. Try this for a week and you will definitely see a clear difference.

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