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Julie Gichuru, a figure of resilience


This week we nominate Julie Gichuru as our #WCW. At the age of 45, and still as stunning as ever, she is a positive figure of inspiration for young women who look up to her. Young women who are currently around the age that she was when she fell into a deep depression, as a result of multiple adversaries in her life at that time.

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A few days ago, Gichuru shared a powerful story on her Instagram account (@juliegichuru), narrating her life 24 years ago at the age of 21. She has come so far and we only hope that more people can persevere through their tough seasons of life, because Julie did!

We reccommend that you read this story three times a day, after meals, for one month if you're suffering from a lack of motivation
Apparently, this picture was taken in 1995. We thought this was her this morning!
We love this simple, girl-next-door look, pose and location. She is stunning and succesful, yet relatable too!
Julie lives a life of adventure. She's always in the air headed to a new, exciting location!
These two pictures are 20 years apart. She really is ageless! Julie next time, please drop your skincare secrets!
The red liptick here really complements the green and gold accents in this picture!
Red lips look really good on her. We love the African print too!


Images: Instagram (@juliegichuru)

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