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Six things you can do while you wait for cancer test results

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Getting screened for cancer can be one of the complex things to do. There are countless uncertainties that go through people's minds while they wait for their test results. One wonders what the results will be - how will I live if I have cancer?

Apart from praying and promising God that you will do better if only He helps you to be cancer free, these are a few tips on what you can do while you wait for your test results after a cancer screening.

Watch an encouraging movie

There are movies on cancer warriors, those who have beaten cancer and have lived, when they thought the end was near, to tell their stories.

Such stories will give you courage and motivate you as they give you hope that no matter what happens, this too shall pass. It is only for a season and seasons do not last forever.

Talk to someone about your fears

Talk to a close friend, a relative or a therapist about your fears in regards to the test results you are waiting for.

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If the tests will take about two hours to be conclusive, see a therapist during this time and let them help you overcome your fears, or manage them for the time being until you get the results.

A close friend or a family member will help you overcome your fears when they remind you that no matter what happens they will stand by you and will always be by your side.

Prepare yourself for the worst

Even though we all wish and pray for the best when waiting for test results for any disease, there is always a need to keep it real with ourselves. We need to remind ourselves that things can go either way. You need to be prepared for the worst in as much as you are prepared for the best.

Ask yourself how you will react when you are told you have cancer. Ask yourself if you are ready for the long treatment or prolonged stay in the hospital. Ask yourself if you will be ready for how your life will completely change.

Go for lunch or see a movie with a friend

Instead of staying in the hospital and seeing sick people, which is likely to increase your stress levels, make plans to have lunch or see a movie at a theatre that is close to the hospital.

Ask the doctor to call when your results are ready, or to give you a specific time when you can get back and collect your results.

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Being in a different environment from the hospital will ease the tension and make you feel more relaxed. It will also help in getting your mind off the test results for a while.

Avoid diagnosing yourself

Sometimes tests take longer than anticipated to come out and during this period a lot of things will be going through your mind. Do not start playing the doctor and diagnose yourself. Control your mind and do not allow it to wander and make you believe that the delayed results mean you definitely have cancer.

If more tests are ordered then this just means that your doctor wants to get more accurate results to avoid a misdiagnosis.

Don't be overwhelmed with advice

At this point in your life, you are allowed to filter out what you do not like especially when sitting somewhere waiting for your test results to come in.

Avoid listening to advice from people who feel like they understand what you are going through more than yourself. Keep the positive people close and draw your encouragement and strength from them. 

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