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MCM: Jimmy Chansa, Vera chose well

Sometime this year, our very own Queen V teased us as to who her new boo was, after the less than private fall out with a certain musician. But once she revealed her new man, we had to let out a round of applause. Not only is Jimmy absolutely handsome, he is a doctor. He treats people for a living and he has for sure treated our hearts. If you are having no luck in finding love in Kenya, try the other East African countries.

We love a man that stays hydrated
You sir belong on a GQ cover
I won't even bash you for wearing shades indoors
Issa whole doctor..chae.. Dr Jimmy. J.Minja, MD
Vera, you're doing great sweetie
Do all doctors in TZ, look like this? Cause I'll move
We just had to put one with his leading lady.

(IMAGES: INSTAGRAM @iamjimmychansa)

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