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Seven romantic trips to consider for your anniversary

Leisure and Travel

Nothing rekindles the romance and strengthens the bond between partners like a getaway. As your anniversary approaches, selecting the best destination to spend time away from your busy schedules might prove difficult. But worry not because we have you covered.

With these spots, your union will be cemented forever. Whether you choose to keep it simple or go all out to spoil your partner, these are some of the most amazing destinations to consider for your next anniversary trip.

1. France

To many, Paris is known as the city of love. And for good reason! The city boasts the famous Eiffel tower which is one of the most romantic picnic sites that many desire to visit. There are also over fifty museums including the Louvre Museum that is home to the famous Mona Lisa. Explore the rich vineyards of Paris for wine tasting and enjoy the local musicals offered, for a true Parisian experience. The seemingly simple sites of Paris create a romantic, memorable aura that will have you scoring major points.

 Enjoy beautiful sunsets in Madrid as you prepare for a night of dancing flamenco

2. Spain

This is also one of the most romantic destinations for anniversaries. Cities such as Madrid and Barcelona have an amazing nightlife which makes it even more romantic. Enjoy beautiful sunsets or a night tour of the city as well as romantic evening boat rides in Barcelona. Other activities also include enjoying the local cuisine while you watch traditional flamenco performers sing and dance.

 Cape Town offers a mix of beaches, penguins and mountains with a variety of activities to choose from

3. South Africa

If you are planning a trip within the African continent, consider Cape Town as your next destination. South Africa is known for its rich wines such as Sauvignon and Banhoek, from its many vineyards located in Cape Town. Couples also enjoy the experience of going to the Table Mountains and taking cable car rides which are not found in most countries in Africa. Grace your anniversary with five-star luxury dining as well, as you create beautiful memories together.

 Egypt is full of historical sites like the pyramids

4. Egypt

If you are a couple that enjoys site seeing and history, Egypt offers that and then some. The country is known as the root of civilization and has very many sites to tour. View the famous pyramids, the open-air museum of Luxor as well as huge ancient sculptures that have existed throughout history. Site seeing is not the only activity in Egypt. Couples can also enjoy seaside camping, desert safaris among others which have made Egypt a popular destination for couples.

 Bora bora's beautiful beaches and blue waters are great for relaxing

5. French Polynesia

Visiting an island is one of the most romantic trips a couple can take. Islands exude romantic energy and are very popular for couples. For a quiet romantic anniversary, consider taking a trip to Bora Bora in French Polynesia for a more exotic experience. The island has a coast with white sands and blue waters for you to relax in. Within the outskirts of the island, there is a heart-shaped island which is popular for honeymoon trips and anniversaries. Could it possibly get more romantic than that?

 Book a cruise or private beach and shop at the Dubai Shopping Mall

6. United Arab Emirates

Dubai in the UAE is also one of the most glamorous places you can visit on your anniversary. From cruises to private beaches and underwater hotel suits, Dubai provides you with a variety of exciting activities and locations to visit. You can also treat yourselves with a shopping spree in the Dubai Shopping Mall, which is currently the world’s largest mall.

 Enjoy a spa treatment while in Morocco

7. Morocco

This is also one of the locations you should consider for your anniversary trip. The country is located in the north of Africa which is a great opportunity to explore the continent, experience their vast culture and enjoy exclusive cuisines. Morocco offers hot air balloon flights where you get to watch the sunrise for a breathtaking experience. You can also enjoy a relaxing spa treatment known as the traditional Hammam bath to help you relax and enjoy every bit of your getaway.

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