Evewoman : WCW: Meagan Good, does all kinds of bad

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WCW: Meagan Good, does all kinds of bad

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Meagan Good aka Mrs Franklin is our Woman crush this week. Honestly, it took me quite a bit of time to get this article rolling because let’s be real, she is beyond gorgeous. She even makes me doubt my sexuality, you will doubt yours too. Is this what prayers and a proper work out routine do? If so sign me up and throw a Bible at me:

It's like she's staring into my soul. Lawd! (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
Casually stunting on us. We can never be this cool. (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
Lord, you really took your time with this one. (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
I need to know the exact prayer she used to look this good. Word for word please. (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
A real Queen, we bow to your beauty. (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
All gyms should have this pic plastered on the walls as motivation. (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
Does anything ever look bad on her? This is unfair. (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
Her side profile is prettier than the whole of me. Sigh (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)
Yaye, Lalela, Fada Lord, Chinekemeeh!! (Photo: Instagram @meagangood)

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