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Ten tips for traveling with kids

Traveling with your whole family can be overwhelming even though it gets easier with time, you are guaranteed to run into a few challenges whenever you travel with the kids.

Being prepared for what you’re getting into and what lies ahead is one of the most important things you can do to make family travel effortless.

These are a few things you can do to make your trip with your kids smooth and less stressful.

Do not over-pack

Always keep in mind that almost everything you need can be bought abroad. Diapers are often a concern as 100% eco and organic brands can be hard to find. If you are used to using an eco-friendly brand, test a non-eco brand before you leave to see if your child has any kind of reaction to it.

Baby carriage or stroller or sling

This is a common dilemma for many parents when traveling with kids. This, however, entirely depends on where you are going. Are the streets paved, will there be potholes and will there be off-roading involved?  Will it be fairly cool or humid?

A light stroller can be a good option since they are easy to travel with and be taken anywhere with ease.

Packing baby food

A number of airports allow baby milk and baby food through security in containers that are not over 100ml. The containers are usually opened to screen the contents at the security checkpoint but this does not contaminate the food. However, it is advised to check the airport you will be traveling through to make sure they allow baby food.

Plan your flights

Plan your flights around bedtime. Even though evening flights can be pricey they offer more ease since the kids will fall asleep around the same time they sleep. If you are connecting flights, make sure you leave a substantial amount of time to arrive at your destination airport not too late at night since it is an unfamiliar place.

Research your destination

While breastfeeding, it is advisable to search whether breastfeeding in public is allowed wherever you are headed. While some countries do not have a problem with breastfeeding, others will require you to go to a more private place to do it.

Buy your own snacks and entertainment on flights

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Long flights or road trips are usually accompanied with a lot of discomfort for the kids who get hungry and need a snack each and every time. Pack dry snacks and liquids like yoghurt and juice.

If traveling with an infant or a toddler you may take liquids like milk or baby food that is not subject to the 100ml rule. Security in some airports allows small ice packs to keep the dairy cool.

Take a lot of underwear, wipes and a spare set of clothes for each of you, plus small new toys and activities that your child children love.

Weigh up the pros and cons of apartments vs hotels

Hotels can be great in areas where you want to be close to the different tourist attractions while traveling with kids.  When staying at a hotel it is easier to manage your time. You can all have meals together and even get to put your kids to bed. But one can also opt for private accommodation with a mode of transport to the places you want to visit. This offers the option of making meals together as a family and doing things as a unit. 

Choose your location wisely

Choose to visit cities that have lots to do within walking distance of your hotel, villa, or a short ride away. After the distance covered traveling the last thing you would want to do is arrive at your destination and have to cover more distance to the locations you would like to visit.

Get hotel inclusions

Try to get breakfast included in your meals so you can fill up and grab some fruit and pastries for later while touring the town with your little one(s), and make sure Wi-Fi is not an added charge so that your kids can watch their show for a restricted time.

Find fun for everyone

Planning activities that give everyone a chance to enjoy themselves is important. Visiting playgrounds and museums might be amusing for the kids but remember to plan to have some alone time with your partner and other adult you are travelling with.  

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