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Kitchen Gadget: Milkshake making machine

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Milkshake is a cold beverage made from milk, ice cream and/or ice (optional) and flavouring. Before I got myself a milkshake making machine, I used a hand mixer or blender. They got the job done but the end result was nothing close to when I used a milkshake machine. With a blender or hand mixer, the outcome is this thin and watery and with a milkshake maker, the end result is tastier, creamier and thicker. You use your hand to maneuver so you’re able to feel and know the consistency of your milkshake and the stem of the machine aerates the ingredients, while a blender simply rotates them. The milkshake maker can also be used to whip up other creamy or foamy drinks like fruit smoothies and milk foam for your coffee or hot chocolate. You can add candy, fruit pieces, cookies and cake to enjoy some chunkiness in your milkshake. Look for this machine on Amazon and other online kitchen appliance vendors for Sh10,000 or more.

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