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Meghan Markle birthday: Harry's adorable Instagram message on his wife's 38th

Meghan Markle celebrates her 38th birthday today (Photo: Instagram @sussexroyal)

Prince Harry has posted an adorable birthday message for his wife Meghan on Instagram, celebrating her 38th birthday.

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It's been a busy year for the Duchess, who marks her birthday on August 4.

This year she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, guest-edited British Vogue and worked behind the scenes with multiple charities and organisations.

The royal couple also set up their own Instagram account, @sussexroyal, to promote the various good causes they work on.

And this morning Harry has put up a post to celebrate the happy occasion.

He wrote: 'Happy Birthday to my amazing wife. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!' - Love, H.

Her husband, Prince Harry, took to Instagram to wish his wife a happy birthday (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

The Duchess of Sussex actually shares her birthday with the late Queen mother and is one of several Leos in the British Royal Family.

Her 38th birthday today is the first she is celebrating as a parent - having welcomed her son Archie Harrison into the world on May 6.

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A royal insider has revealed that the Duchess of Sussex will receive some extremely touching gifts from her husband and son.

The royal source told Fabulous Digital: "This year there will be a birthday gift from Archie and the odds are on a sepia or black and white photograph of her precious son in a solid silver frame from Aspreys.

"The precious present is likely to have an engraving chosen by Harry that will make it extra special.

"And Harry has a weakness for designing jewellery for Meghan, so it is expected that the royal will design another stunning piece - likely to be earrings - as a Sussex surprise."

The Duchess of Sussex recently guest-edited the September issue of British Vogue (Photo:

Reportedly, the Duchess is preparing to spend her birthday at her home of Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

While she is not expected to have a lavish affair to celebrate turning 38 after the backlash she faced after her baby shower, it is expected that the couple will have an intimate family celebration and potentially plan to later join the Queen and Prince Philip for celebratory tea and cake at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

One source told the Express: “Meghan’s world is pretty much just Archie.

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“She’s so in love with being a mom, her mind’s on her baby boy, not her birthday.”

The royal insider revealed that Meghan generally prefers to keep her birthdays small and surround herself with her loved ones.

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They said: “She prefers to use her day more introspectively.

“She’d much rather have a low-key dinner with her loved ones over a big blowout party.”

She will reportedly spend her birthday at home in Frogmore Cottage, Windsor (Photo: Mirror)

Before Meghan joined the royal family, she worked as an actress of popular US show Suits and also had her own lifestyle blog called The Tig.

On her blog, she once wrote a post about her birthday wishes.

It said: "My mom has always said that birthdays are your own personal New Year.

"Your own chance to make resolutions just for yourself and what you prognosticate for your year ahead."

She added that she wished for: "More surprises, more adventure, more opportunities to grow, more days filled with giggles and cheeky jokes, more delicious meals, and more inspiration. Always more inspiration."

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