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Meghan and Harry 'have less money and far fewer staff' than Kate and William

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Unless you've been living under a rock recently (lucky you), then you may have caught wind of the scrutiny the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's spending has come under.

Just when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were probably settling into family life with baby Archie, the cost of refurbishing their family home, Frogmore Cottage, to the tune of £2.4 million (Sh.309 million) of taxpayer's money was made public.

There have been accusations of decadence and not playing fair, but according to royal commentator Katie Nicholl, the couple are a lot more low-key and low-maintenance than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

 In an interview with Vanity Fair, Nicholl talked about Harry and Meghan's new home and life in Windsor.

A source tells her they "won't be hiring anything like what the Cambridges have" and "the Sussexes don’t have the same financial resources as the Cambridges, for starters."

In addition to a nanny and their security staff, Meghan and Harry employ a housekeeper and two assistants and they share two palace orderlies.

Contrary to reports they don’t have a chef, Meghan doesn't use a stylist as she prefers to do "most of it herself", and she does all the shopping herself online from Ocado.

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Of course, Harry and Meghan are still fabulously wealthy.

They're not short of money (WireImage)

Before they met, Meghan was reported to have a net worth of almost £4 million (Sh.515 million), and was earning over £358,000 (Sh.46 million) a year thanks to her acting and endorsements.

Harry's not short of a bob or two either, thanks to accumulating fortunes from Princess Diana and the Queen Mother.

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