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Signs your teenage daughter could be having sex

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 No matter how hard they try, reading kids will always be easy and their actions predictable (Photo: Courtesy) 


Curiosity about sex usually starts at a young age. Kids might experiment because they want to know what it’s all about and as they grow older, they start to actually act it out.

As a parent, it can be scary to imagine that your teen daughter is already sexually active. Parents try to give their kids the ‘birds and the bees’ talk but it’s not a guarantee that they will behave responsibly when they’re of legal age.

If parents could have their way, it would be better if girls chose to have sex at the right age when they can understand the full weight of giving something precious away.

That unfortunately is not the case. You should be aware of what your teen is up to and these are some of the ways you can tell she’s already having sex:

She has a boyfriend

It’s natural for teens to explore the world of dating. This is the age where they’re starting to discover new things about their bodies and often someone in school or in their friendship circle will start to form an attraction to them.

If they have a boyfriend it could mean that she’s already experimenting with him. Pay close attention to how often she spends time with him alone because that’s how you can tell.

She’s private about how she spends her time

When your teen is home during the holidays, she will want to spend time with her friends. There’s nothing wrong with that because she needs to learn how to interact with her peers.

The problem comes in when she is no longer open about where she has been all day. You will notice that she is more honest about the days she is genuinely being with her friends versus the days she might have been up to something fishy.

 They may start being more conscious about their appearance and body (Photo: Courtesy)
Her habits have changed

Teenagers often change and pick up new habits as they mature. They will want to be more independent and detached and you might not notice when anything is going on.

However, there are certain signs that are specific to someone who might be sexually active. They might want to do their own laundry or become more self-conscious about hygiene after spending time with someone or coming from a sleepover.

It might mean that they are trying to hide something from you so you should be on the lookout for this specific sign.

She is more curious about sex

If you notice that sex and topics revolving around sex come up more often, it might be another sign. She might be more open to discussing sex but with time, they have a deeper curiosity about it.

For example, they can ask which birth control method is the best when you haven’t brought it up yet. You might also investigate their browser history and see if they have been searching for explicit content.

This new curiosity can mean that she is already having sex.

She has changed how she dresses

How your daughter dresses can indicate where her focus is. If she is all of a sudden interested in provocative clothing when she was previously more conservative, it’s a sign that she is trying to draw in more sexual attention.

Dressing provocatively isn’t always an indicator but it’s a huge clue. 

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