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Why Brazil star Marta wore lipstick in Women's World Cup clash with France

Marta has scored the most goals for both the men and women's World Cup tournaments (Photo: Courtesy)

Brazil star Marta took to the field wearing bright red lipstick for the last-16 clash with France.

The two sides locked horns in the knockout stages of the Women's World Cup in Le Havre.

Marta, 33, now holds the record for the most goals in World Cup tournaments for men and women after adding to her tally already in France.

She scored from the spot to break the record in the win over Italy and in the defeat to Australia as Brazil made the knockout stages.

Marta wore red lipstick for the victory over Italy and decided to do so again against France, sending social media into a frenzy.

Marta chose the bold red lipstick which is a change from her regular shades (Photo: Courtesy)

But the Brazil legend explained her reasons for doing so following the 1-0 victory over Italy.

"I always wear lipstick. Not that colour, but today I said 'I'm going to dare'. I tried it and I think it was good," she said.

"The colour is of blood, because we had to leave blood on the pitch. Now I'm going to use it in every game."

Marta's goal against Italy was her 17th World Cup goal - breaking the record set by Germany legend Miroslav Klose.

Brazil lost to France 2-1 (Photo: Courtesy)

After the goal, she said: "The feeling is a joyful one, not only for breaking the record but for being able to represent women in doing so.

"We are trying to represent women and show how women can play any type of role.

"All the teams here, we are all representing [women]. Let me be clear, this is not only in sport.

Marta ended up on the losing side as hosts France progressed 2-1 in extra time.

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