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Would you let anybody else but you discipline your child?

 A nanny was caught on camera beating up a three-month-old baby

Recent reports of a househelp beating up a three-month-old baby have made the rounds online causing an uproar at such violence.

31-year-old Irene Nzisa was caught in a nanny cam feeding the three-month-old with her bottle before stopping and beating her on her thighs and arms. The mother of the child had stepped out of the family home to take her older daughter to the hospital. On seeing the horrific footage, she abandoned her plans and returned home.

The househelp, who had been working with the family for less than two months, had previously complained about the children.

Nzisa was reportedly detained at a Mlolongo police station overnight before being released. The child’s mother didn’t file any charges after Nzisa’s brother pleaded with her. She, however, shared her story saying, “I am however scared she may end up in someone’s house and hurt other children that is why I’m spreading the information.”

Many families are now installing nanny cams so that they can easily know what happens in their homes when they aren’t there. They have proved to be very useful especially in homes where the children aren’t old enough to speak up.

As a result of the nanny cams, there have been many reports of househelps brutally assaulting little ones.

 Older children, unlike younger ones, are able to report when they are assaulted

Another mother took to social media in anger when her son returned from school with scars on his face. His crime? His teacher was upset because he had failed to pronounce the Swahili word maporomoko well. He was therefore pinched on his cheek and jaw until he got marks and the teacher then laughed at him.

The mother wrote, “He told me mum when I don’t understand something I come and ask you or dad to assist me. Why didn't teacher help me?”

Mothers responded to the Facebook post saying that discipline is okay but humiliating a child in that way, just because of failing to pronounce a word was inhumane.

 Many families are installing cameras to monitor happenings in their homes

In another incident, a one-year-old’s father gave him a beating after he ran out of a shop where he and his dad were shopping. The mother also took to social media to share the horrific sight of her son’s back with what appear to be belt marks from the beating.

These incidences are just a few in a list of brutal attacks against children. Mothers everywhere are in uproar complaining about the age, form of discipline and the reasons behind the disciplining.

The question remains, would you let anyone besides yourself discipline your child?

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