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Tiny changes in your partner's behaviour which might mean they're cheating on you

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Suspecting your partner might be cheating on you is a horrible, horrible feeling.

It can completely take over as you spend your whole time looking for little signs and slip ups which might confirm your worst fears.

A number of people have come out to admit they've cheated in the past and sadly 29 per cent of people believe their current partner is cheating on them.

So what should we be looking out for?

According to some research there are a few changes you may notice in your partner which could give the game away.

Sudden changes in your partner's behaviour could be a sign they are cheating

They are:

  • They start working late
  • They start keeping their phone by their side at all times
  • They start spending time with friends you've never met
  • They change the password on their phone
  • They change their style and their clothes
  • They start wearing a new perfume or aftershave
  • They start wanting more sex
  • They decide to delete their Facebook account
  • They have new tastes and demands in the bedroom
  • They start eating foods they weren't eating before
  • They start buying you unexpected presents
  • They start complaining they're always tired


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The research also found 81 per cent of the 1,000 people asked said an affair was much worse if you are married compared to if you were just co-habiting.

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