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Cunning dad tricks son into giving him free massages all thanks to his T-shirt

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One thing which quickly deteriorates thanks to having a child is the condition of your back.

All that bending and lifting, the moonlighting as a human climbing frame, the having to heave all that extra stuff around.

So who can blame one cunning dad for coming up with a clever rouse to get a back massage off his son?

Ken Kawamato posted a video of his young son doing just this, all thanks to his T-shirt and a toy train.

In the footage, we see Ken, a Google software engineer from Japan lying on the floor while his son runs the toy up and down his dad’s back in a massage motion.

His T-shirt handily sports train track patterns over those spots that need a massage the most.

Ken's magic t-shirt (Photo: Courtesy)

Clever man!

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But does it work? Not just as a rouse, but does it result in a semi-decent massage?

The good news is yes, it does.

Ken later added: "It feels good!"

Now, you too can get your kids to show you some TLC. A Japanese website is now selling the "massage T-shirt" so knackered dads everywhere can enjoy it for around Sh. 2, 000 (£17.40).

Which, when you think about it, is actually a small price to pay for frequent back rubs.

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