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Five ways to use a glass coffee table

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Coffee tables come in many shapes, styles and materials. Glass is a perfect choice for a table that does not outshine other pieces in the room. When used together with wood, glass creates a classic wood and glass look. Glass tables can also be made with a metal base. Frameless glass tables are also an option. Today we show you how to work with different glass coffee tables.

Narrow tables (Courtesy)

Narrow tables

Narrow tables are a staple for a long living room with no space to manouvre around. A narrow glass top table pairs well with a sectional couch.

An industrial style glass coffee table (Courtesy)

The industrial look

An industrial style glass coffee table works with any style without taking from the other pieces. Industrial coffee tables are simple with straight lines. This makes it easy to decorate around them.

A glass coffee table with an abstract base (Courtesy)

The eclectic table

A glass coffee table with an abstract base is a statement piece on it’s own. It will work well with an eclectic or bohemian style. Abstract bases can be made from wood, ceramic or metal.

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A repurposed table (Courtesy)

The repurposed table

Reclaimed wood, pallet and old furniture can be turned into glass top coffee table with simple DIY tutorials. Upcycled coffee tables are perfect for modern, shabby chic (eclectic style that mixes antique furniture with pastel colours, lace and feminine florals) and rustic décor themes (emphasis on rugged, natural beauty).

Transitional coffee table (Courtesy)

The transitional coffee table

Transitional coffee tables pair well with white interiors, transitional spaces and shabby chic themes. The wood encases a glass top as opposed to sitting right on top of it. They can also have drawers on the side for extra storage. No matter what your style is there is a table for you. Experiment with different styles, colour and shapes.

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