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Kenyan women refuse to relent on their pressure on P&G for better sanitary pads

In a tweet responding to the claims by online users, Always Kenya pinpointed that the quality of Always pads in Kenya is similarly to that of Always pads in the privileged parts of the world

Kenyans are not relenting on their demand for better quality of sanitary pads from Always, a Proctor and Gamble (P&G) product. What started as an inconspicuous trend, #MyAlwaysExperience, now seems to have gain a lot more traction.

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Disappointed Kenyan women have taken issue with the manner in which the company has handled their grievances after yesterday’s uproar. Always Kenya maintained that their products are good quality and are similar to those sold in other parts of the world and that “all our pads including the ones in Kenya are designed and developed in Europe and the US.”

An aggrieved user even went the extra mile and prompted other Always users abroad to share the quality of their pads so that a comparison could be made

From the comparative images and videos, the quality of Always pads abroad, categorically in Europe and America, seem to be of better quality. Those who have used them say that they are comfortable, breathable, absorbent and do not cause burns on the crotch. Not only was the quality different, netizens also found out that the African brand is more expensive with a pack of 7 retailing averagely at Sh.80 and Sh.300 in Kenya and Ethiopia respectively while, in Germany, according to one user, a packet of 26 pads costs 2.39 Euros (approx. Sh270.)

The issue seems to cut across Eastern African countries with users from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda also sharing their complaints of having to deal with allergies, infections and chaffing

Through the #MyAlwaysExperience thread, Kenyans complained of rashes, plastic covering used making the pads unbreathable, scented pads being smelly after use and discomfort from the heat.

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