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Two-minute facial massage could make you look years younger

Many people will spend a small fortune on creams, masks and serums which promise to make them look younger.

There's a huge market for products claiming to turn back the clock, but it turns out there might be a much easier - and cheaper - way to achieve the look.

A skin care expert has revealed an anti-ageing trick she claims could make you look younger - and it only takes two minutes.

And the best thing is its really easy and completely free - so what's not to love?

Mukti, who owns her own organic skin care company, told My Body and Soul: "There are points on your face and where there are small indentations.

She says these can be found "at the tip of your eyebrow, there's another one at the midpoint of your eyebrow, and there's another one at the sides of your eyebrow... there's another one directly under the eye point, just slightly, about 2cm down."

You need to massage each area in small circular motions which Mukti claims will "help alleviate any stress on the face".

She says: "We do hold a lot of stress and tension in our faces and we're not even aware that we are."

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