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Ladies, beware of men who bad mouth their women when hitting on you

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While at a friend’s end of the year party, I heard a man bad mouth his wife so badly that I was embarrassed. “My wife is such a pain in the butt, she cannot cook proper ugali. Tumbukiza (provisional all-in-one meat, potatoes, carrots, cabbages, onions and tomatoes stew) served at bars taste way better than her meals. Plus she nags, complains and makes my life miserable!” he rasped rather loudly to someone on the queue while at the buffet table.

Just as I was still looking for a place to hide my face, he turned to me and began yapping to me as if I was responsible for his wife’s bad cooking skills. “You know how it is...” he began. I gave him a blank stare although I knew exactly the kind of misogynistic propaganda he was insinuating. “No. I really don’t. And I am not interested,” I replied.

The moment I finished serving my food, I walked away at the speed of light in the opposite direction. He was shocked with my reaction. It was quite obvious that the annoying married man had definitely never heard, or didn’t expect to hear such a rude response.

One thing I have come to discover is that piss-and-moan fests regarding the wife or girlfriend have increasingly become a common pick up line by men these days. A man whines about his wife or girlfriend and as you sympathies and empathize with him, he starts tuning you. The cheek of it!

This annoying trend is not just used as an ice breaker by men, it is also a popular topic of conversation whenever men gather.

Gentlemen, what is happening to you? Gossiping used to be a preserve of women. Isn’t it embarrassing that men now shamelessly gossip about their spouses?

Conversation starter

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What gets me even more infuriated by this bad behaviour by men is the fact that it is told to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen, including strangers, as a conversation starter and just for laughs.

Worth noting is that most of this anecdotes told by men are often times so personal and told in such bad light. Ironically the same men who bad mouth their women go home to these poor wives or girlfriends. How annoying!

Married to night runner

Men can fault women for many things, but the one thing most women know how to do with style, is to be discreet about the flaws their men have. Women have the uncanny ability to cover the faults and weakness of their men before the eyes of their friends and family.

Many women would rather die than spill the dirt on her man. Some women are married to gangsters, thieves, sons of witchdoctors or even night runners but such information is never revealed. So one wonders, why do men find it worth revealing embarrassing trivialities such as wives or girlfriends who don’t know how to cook? A woman will only expose her man when she has reached the end of her rope and is in search of a solution from a confidant.

So men please this is a new year, stop the malicious, embarrassing gossip about your wives and girlfriends. Ladies, avoid such men lest they gossip about you when they will be hitting on the next woman. Here’s my challenge to men in 2016: If you have a good wife or girlfriend, talk about that or shut up. Spare the public the dirty linen. To those men who continue spreading embarrassing stories about their loved one, you are losers. I mean, if she is so bad, then man up and walk away! Save us the whining. Enough said.

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