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How to deal with heart break

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The end of a relationship can cause so much pain and anxiety on both partners. Some even get depressed after an especially tough heartbreak.  While heartbreak is mainly an emotional affair, there are documented physical effects of the experience. From exhaustion, body pains, insomnia, loss appetite, weight gain or loss and host of other ailments. However all is not lost and if handled well, heartbreak should put you down for long. Here are a few tips on how to navigate this painful period.

Cry mama cry: It is okay to grieve for your lost love and wasted time. So do not feel the need to hold back your tears. Get a friend you can open up to and just let it all out.

Acceptance: They say acceptance is the first step to healing. Making peace with the breakup will put you in a position to get over it. This allows you to deal with the heart break without hidden expectation of a reconciliation which could lead to more pain if those expectations are not met.

Jazz up your style: Nothing feels as amazing as a good round of shopping therapy or a new hairdo. So treat yourself to something you have always eyed as long as it is within your budget. This will make you feel confident with the added bonus of looking good.

Indulge in activities that make you laugh: And we mean laugh heartily. So whether it’s a sitcom, a movie, a play or a friend/s who crack you ribs, make time for that religiously. Laughter is said to be the best medicine so why not take a large dose.

Drop your ex habits: If you and your ex used to bike or gym or share hobbies, now is the time to change your hobby location. You want to break the connection and nostalgia that those shared hobbies are bound to bring. It is time to do all the things you have always wanted to do without thinking about some else.

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Rediscover yourself: A lot of your essence gets lost in a relationship as people tend to accommodate the other person. This can lead a feeling of being lost after a break up, where you don’t know who you are without the other person. Now is the time to rediscover who you are and improve yourself. Go to the gym if you always wanted to, pursue that course that you have always eyed, change your address to your choice, meet new people, travel…the world is your oyster now.

Cut the line: Honey, do not keep his number or remain his friend on social media. You need to cut all ties with him in order to move on. Remaining in contact will only impede your efforts to move on and might just pull back into a toxic relationship. Cyber stalking will also frustrate you as you might think he is having fun while you struggle.

Time heals: It might not seem like things will get better, but believe us when we say, time heals. In a year or less, you will not remember who that guy was. But also remember, you are whole in yourself, you don’t need someone to complete you, just to complement you and your awesomeness.

All the best.

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