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Having a busy day? De-stress yourself with these easy methods

Due to our busy days and tight schedules, stress and anxiety have become quite common in most people. Unfortunately, this can reduce your productivity at home and at work, contributing to even more anxiety. And that is the last thing you need considering whatever is going on in your life.

Before hitting the road in search for a counselor or medication to ease your jitters, here are very simple and almost instant ways you can relax and ensure that you remain stress free, especially at work.

  1. Take deep breaths

Breathe in deeply for five seconds and out for five seconds. Do this three times and it will slow down your heart rate as well as the pace of your stress hormones.

  1.  Sing one of your favorite songs

Not only will it give you an instant good mood as you forget your problems but it will help you breathe more fully thus increasing oxygen in your system.

  1. Sit up straight

This means you will move your shoulders back which will open up your chest enabling you to breathe more freely.

  1. Chew a piece of gum

If you love chewing, the more reason to do it. Pop a piece of gum and chew it to loosen your jaws where stress is often stored.

  1. Stretch

Lie on your back, with your knees still bent and your feet touching the ground. This will help open up your front upper body and will help slow down your mind.

  1. Peel an orange

Inhale it’s aroma as you peel away the skin and put the orange sections in your mouth, you will be instantly refreshed.

  1. Turn to the sun

Have the sun hitting your face and close your eyes as you bask in its warmth for a few minutes. This is quite relaxing. Remove your shoes and have direct contact with the ground to enjoy the heat.

  1. Deep yawning

This will help you exhale deeply which is quite relaxing and the stretching will loosen your muscles.

  1. Apply some lotion to your hands

You will feel and smell wonderful, which will be distracting from stress.

  1. Take a mental break

Use this break to look at a picture of loved ones, a favorite place, or a goal that you want to achieve. You will instantly feel better.

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