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Senator Sakaja awards man Sh50K after his fiancée dumped him days to their wedding for being broke

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Nairobi Senator Johnstone Sakaja shocked a church in Roysambu when he awarded a man who was dumped by his fiancée for being broke Sh50, 000.

The jilted man is said to have been disappointed by his fiancée just days to their wedding. However, the man has since found love and another woman has accepted to marry him.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the Senator called upon the embattled man to join him in front of the church congregation.

“Nimesikia story ambayo imenigusa. Kuna yule kijana ambaye alikuwa amekataliwa…. kuja (he says while beckoning the unidentified man)… huyu… huyu ni wetu… huyu in wetu. Kama wamekukata tumekuchukuwa na tumekukubali. Na huyu arusi yake kwanza atabebwa na gari yangu,” The Senator is captured saying in the clip.

Much to the bewilderment of the congregation, the legislator also offered to double the man’s pay every month:

“Najua ulisema (to the pastor) utampatia kazi. Na hiyo kazi mimi nitaongeza, hiyo unamlipa fifteen thousand, nitaongeza fifteen thousand juu yake kila mwezi,” He adds as the congregation goes wild in applause.

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