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Six simple tips you must follow after a wild night out

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Women spend hours sprucing up every chance they get to go for out for a wild night full of fun. If only they didn’t come with the morning after hang overs, dry skin and puffy eyes. This especially if you had one too many. Once reality kicks in and it is time to get back to your normal lives, you need to make yourself look decent.

To tackle the net day head on without looking like you were hit by the bus, here are six tips on how to repair or at least hide flaws here and there after a girl’s night out. ESTHER MUCHENE

  1. Remove your makeup before bedtime

No matter how difficult it may be, you will be glad you removed your makeup before hitting the sack. Skip this crucial step and the makeup will cake on your skin, block your pores, lead to possible breakout and you will have one beaten up looking face the next day.

  1. Have some water

Alcohol dehydrates your body which makes you feel awful in the morning. A glass of water before you sleep will make all the difference in the morning. Not only will it make the hangover bearable but it will rehydrate your skin too.

  1. Sleep on an extra pillow

Instead of one pillow, sleep on two placed on top of each other. Elevating your head will help stop the fluids accumulating under your eyes which result in puffy eyes.

  1. Have a shower

You should hit the shower first thing in the morning regardless of whether you want or don’t want. The running water will revitalize your skin and help you to wake up.

  1. Moisturize

If you had too many tequilas and diluted it with a glass of water before bedtime, it is not enough. Moisturize your skin because it will still be dehydrated. Use more than the usual amount and let your skin absorb it so you can look fresh the next day.

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  1. Keep makeup light

There is no dead giveaway like wearing too much makeup in an attempt to cover up your hangover. Keep it natural instead. Use a tinted moisturizer instead and a few dabs of concealer where needed rather than caking up on foundation and what have you. Finish with a light shade of lipstick and blush.

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