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Crazy things women do to bag a man

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It appears somebody lied to some women that the ticket to their happiness is having a man in their lives. With that twisted notion, these women are hungry and desperate to have a man in their lives. So desperate is this crop of women, they go to crazy lengths to attract men to either marry them or have an affair with them.

 These girls are all over, the neighbourhood, at the workplace, church, name it. But the clearest place to spot such girls and their desperate schemes is on social media from Facebook to the more hip and trendy Instagram. I will sample some of their desperate schemes to bag a man.

Miss Fake Everything: A popular joke goes that a man married a very beautiful woman and on the first night they went to bed, he was heard a screaming. When neighbours went to check on him, they found him on the door in a state of panic. “There is a funny looking woman in my bed. I do know what she has done with my beautiful wife,” the man cried. Apparently that was his wife in her natural glory after she had removed all the fake additions -- from the teeth, boobs, hair and booty and she was unrecognisable.

Queens of plastic surgery: The pursuit for perfection is so real for some women; three quarter of their money is spent on plastic surgery. If you want to know how some women have altered their original facial features like noses and lips, just check their ID and spot the differences.

Getting rid of the tint: There is a wrong notion and mentality among some Kenyan women that men prefer the yellow yellow. To increase their chances of finding that perfect man, some of these women have resorted to using all manner of deadly skin bleaching agents. Black is beautiful and after our girl Lupita made it to People magazine’s most beautiful women, our dark-skinned women should be more confident in their skin.

Vagina tightening: They say the tighter it is, the sweeter it is. Some women have taken this tightening thing too far, and they are on a tightening spree to please men. I saw a post of a woman on a popular Facebook page asking fellow slay queens, which is the best and affordable place in Nairobi to tighten her vagina. In the typical Facebook style instead of answering her question, the bullies unleashed missiles wondering why she would want to interfere with an innocent organ. Her naïve answer attracted more attacks. “I gave birth and I feel loose down there and I feel no man will want a loose woman.”

Swallowing poisons: One time, there was a study that revealed that Kenyan women are more scared of getting pregnant than contracting STIs. In order to please a man, these women will sleep with him without protection, because they know that afterwards they will swallow pill. What these women do not realise is that they are exposing themselves to many health risks by swallowing tablets which could prove poisonous in the long run.

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