Evewoman : Who is Caren Wakoli? The only Kenyan woman to receive recognition in Obama’s Mandela anniversary speech

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Caren Wakoli, the only Kenyan woman who received special recognition from Barrack Obama in Johannesburg

Caren Wakoli

Caren Wakoli, a young Kenyan woman who is the founder and Executive Director of Emerging Leaders Foundation received special recognition from former US president Barrack Obama on Wednesday. This was during his lecture at the hundredth anniversary of South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela.

 In his speech, Obama mentioned Caren as one of the young Africans he is proud. He applauded Caren for the good work she was doing in Kenya to mentor youths in a bid to eradicate poverty in Kenya.

“Some young people in this continent are doing the hardwork of bringing change to their communities, who reflect Madiba’s values, who are poised to lead the way.

"…people like Caren Wakoli who is an entrepreneur from Kenya who founded the Emerging Leaders Foundation to get young people involved in the work of fighting poverty and promoting human dignity," Obama said.

Caren Wakoli, a University of Nairobi graduate, holds a degree in communication and Sociology and a Master’s Degree in International studies.

Caren took to her twitter handle to acknowledge the recognition.

Thank you President Barack Obama for recognizing the work of Emerging Leaders Foundation in championing dignity for all Kenyans by mentoring transformative young leaders. We are inspired and energized! #obamaleaders



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