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How to know you don't love your partner anymore

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You don’t meet your partner very often and you don’t miss him? Do you ask yourself why you still with that person? You prefer spending time with other people rather than with him? These are questions a woman asks herself when she doubts about the love she feels for her partner. Maybe is time to close the chapter and move on to the next one.

Pay some attention on the following signs that indicate the love is over:

    You don’t miss him.

A woman that is in love can’t stop thinking about the man she loves. Missing him, thinking about him, seeing things that constantly remind her of him... if this is not happening to you it would be difficult to believe you love him.

Unconsciously you are looking for someone else

If you exchange phone numbers with other men very often and you like going out to meet new people without your partner’s company, it may means you are unconsciously flirting with other men because you are not satisfy with your current partner.

You don’t mind if he doesn’t spend physically time with you

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If he got no plans with you during the weekend, because he prefers spending time with other people and you don’t mind means you are not interested.

You don’t introduce him to your relatives and friends

If you think he won’t fit in your family dinner or in a night out with your friends means you see no future with him.

You feel no sexual desire for him

It is okay not feeling sexual appetite some times because you feel tired, exhausted or stressed. But if you don’t want to be with your couple most of the time, you feel no physical attraction for him and there is not emotional connection neither.

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