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Here are signs that you need to change your bra

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A bra is an essential clothing for every woman because it supports the breasts and contributes in making them firm. Some women don’t like the idea of purchasing a bra; they prefer repeating it till it gets old which is not alright. It’s unhygienic and could cause infections around the breasts. To avoid that simply clean and replace the old bras in your closet from time to time.

Here are the signs that show you need new bras in the closet:

  • The straps are always falling off

It’s normally embarrassing when you are dressed up and the bra straps are out. This shows that you are wearing the wrong bra size or it has become too old and lose. Purchase the right bra size to avoid this happening.

  • The Underwire does not rest well under the breasts

When the underwire is tight and makes you feel itchy, it’s time to buy a new bra. The underwire is meant to contour the shape of the breasts and give them support.

  • The bra has lost elasticity

This happens when you are wearing the same bra most of the times and the hook is really tight. To avoid it being lose, always wear the bra on the loosest hook. For those that repeat bras, simply purchase more bras.



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