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Here is why ladies get period diarrhea during their menses

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Periods have side effects that can be annoying to handle but it depends with an individual because the bodies are different. The side effects include diarrhea, nausea, back aches, breast tenderness, horniness, abdominal cramps, spotting, bloating, food cravings to name just a few.

Some of us have been thinking we have stomach issues when we diarrhea during their menses but that’s not the case. It’s common to diarrhea while in your menses because it’s connected to the cramps. There is more to that according to Everyday Health, there is a chemical compound created called the prostaglandin (a hormone like substance that participates in a wide range of body functions such as contractions and relaxation of muscles). It causes painful cramps and makes the womb to contract, shred the lining and bleeding occurs. The contractions that occur in the womb spread to the muscles and bowels which results to the diarrhea.

To avoid diarrhea during your periods, always take medication that prevent the diarrhea while on the periods. It’s also advisable that you eat foods that contain have fiber because it will help to solidify loose stools. But before consuming them, consult the doctor.

 A lot of contractions take place in the womb, muscles and the bowel which causes one to diarrhea. In case it gets serious seek medical attention from the gynecologist.

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