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How to help yourself after a difficult breakup

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Breakups are usually hard to get over but when you decide to let go and leave the past behind, then it becomes easy to get over it. Going through a breakup can be challenging and people react in different ways. That is why it is difficult to single down a cure for heartache.

Relationships are meant to be interesting, fun, loving, understanding and full of respect and love. When this begins to fade, and trouble starts to creep in out of infidelity, finances, abuse or any other deal breaker out there, it can leave one or two people badly damaged.

In most cases where one or both were gravely wronged, it can lead to a terrible breakup or divorce. Should that happen, you need to know how to cope with it before it destroys the little that is left in you.

Here are six ways to get over a bad breakup or end to a marriage.

  1. Don’t talk bad about your ex

It feels good to bad mouth your ex to your friends and being told you are better without them makes you feel good. But, don’t depend on it. Don’t wait for validation from your friends after dragging your ex partner’s name through the mad. It will only make you look better and stuck on the past.

  1. Do not rush into a new relationship

You need time to heal and let go of the past. By doing so, it will not only help you move on but it will help you reconcile with your past and face your future. When you enter a new relationship ensure the past is left behind and take it slow in the new relationship to ensure a happy healthy beginning.

  1. Cry when you need to

Do not suppress any feelings that you may have. When you feel emotional you need to look for a place where you can cry and get it over with. Crying not only helps you let go of the emotions it also makes you feel better and with time the pain will subside.

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  1. Do not blame yourself

No matter what happens in life don’t ever blame yourself when someone walks out of your life. Let it be a lesson rather than a punishment to yourself. A breakup is done by two people and the blame should not be one of you but on the two of you as a couple.

  1. Cut off all communication

As much as we try being nice, never allow yourself to be walked all over. When it comes to a breakup let the two of you remain as strangers and don’t bother remaining friends. This will only complicate things and make moving on harder.

  1. Do things you love

After a bad breakup you need to go out there and enjoy life. You can do this by treating yourself to a nice lunch, go shopping and meet up with close friends as often as possible. Being around people who make you happy and laugh will help speed up the healing process emotionally and physically. Do not hold yourself back or pity yourself, life must move on.

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