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Little habits you should let go by the time you hit 25

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Although growth is inevitable, there are times that we live in denial in terms of ageing. We still want to believe we are young and our ‘baby’ habits will fall off naturally at some point despite celebrating birthdays year after year. It doesn’t happen that way. You have to take up an initiative to drop these habits before you hit 25 years:

Crying over spilt milk:

By the time you hit 25 years of age, it is obvious you have made mistakes in your life and you feel like you are somehow to blame for how things turned out. That is wrong, at 25 you shouldn’t be regretting over things you cannot change. If anything, regret should be nowhere in your dictionary. After all, what you are regretting right now seemed the most noble thing to do back then when you did it.

Worrying over what people think about you:

People will always have an opinion on everything that you do or don’t do for that matter. It is human nature to mind other people’s business anyway. If you keep worrying over what people will think about you then you will never progress in life. Get busy already and live your life without giving much care about what people say.

How many friends you have or not have:

Lame. You cannot be worrying about the number of friends you have as a teenager and still have the same worries in your mid-twenties!! That is stagnation. At this age you should be worrying about who is adding value to your life is and who isn’t.

Feeling bad for not wanting to do something:

At this stage you realize it is purely about you and your life. If you do not want to do something just don’t do it. And you shouldn’t feel bad or apologetic about not doing things that you feel you shouldn’t.

Feeling inadequate:

We all have felt as if we aren’t good enough at some point in our lives. It is normal but not when you are 25 or above. Just learn to accept the things you cannot change and more on. You cannot afford to focus on your inadequacy at this age. It is the age to focus on your strengths.

While these aren’t all the little things that hold back maturity, they surely are on top of the list. Working on them is ultimate progress.

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