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The men you need to be wary of before marrying

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The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. Ending up with the wrong person will make it a bed of thorns and will not be worth it. With the wrong person, the marriage will be full of regrets and unhappiness making divorce and separation inevitable.  To save yourself from the heart-ache, you need to first take time and know someone before allowing the relationship to elevate to the next level. Marrying the right person brings happiness in each other’s lives as both of you will understand and respect what has brought you together: love.

Before you take the relationship to that level, here are men that you should be cautious with before marriage:

  • The Man Liar

It’s quite obvious that in every relationship there should be honesty and openness in everything. This creates trust and makes one feel secure. If your partner is lying about certain things, whether big or small, that is a red flag that should never be ignored. Lying is very addictive, it reaches a point whereby you won’t believe anything he says because there is no trust, belief and security.  Simply avoid the man liar before you render your marriage insecure and trustless!

  • The Man Flirt

Some men are never satisfied. They still go ahead and flirt with other ladies despite already being in a relationship. This is disrespectful and easily culminates into cheating, silently behind your back. If he is doing this, he is definitely going to still do so when married. Do you want to live with the depression from a cheating partner?

  • The Mommy’s Boy

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This man is a gentleman because he knows how to take care of a lady. The mother has taught him well but the problem comes in when he drags the mother into everything he does, all the details of the relationship and your businesses. Beware as once you marry him, you will be marrying the mother too and he will always choose her first!

  • The Workaholic Man

This man is very industrious, self-driven and successful which is one of the major traits we look for in a man. He will always postpone your romantic dates because of his work commitments. When there is family dinner, he has traveled for a business meeting. He is there financially but emotionally, physically and spiritually you will be by yourself. Once married to this type of man, you will never be a priority and lots of dissatisfaction will follow.

  • The Potential Man

This type of guy is down to earth, goal oriented and trying to get his life together. On the other end, you have started achieving those goals and for him he has not shown any interest to chase his dream. He is waiting for a miracle to happen and when married to him, you will find all the property you bought sold.

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