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Five Father's Day family days out the dad in your life will love

What with Father’s Day being in the middle of June, there is always a decent change it might land on a Sunday, so what better time to get the family together for a mini adventure?

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Here are 5 great suggestions for family days out in every corner of the Kenya.

Explore the woods

There's something very special about spending time under the cover of trees. Perhaps it's the escape from the heat of the Kenyan sun, or the amazing nature to spot, but woods are great places to spend time with family.

Aside from just enjoying the greenery and letting your little ones build camps and explore, there are lots of more organized things you can do in the forest. Many offer playgrounds or activities like climbing and zip wires. And lots have cycle-friendly paths for off-road bike trips.

Cycle all around

Once you've got your kids hooked on cycling they'll be desperate to get out on two wheels at every chance. Make the most of their enthusiasm, pack a picnic lunch and head out for a wonderful day together.

Which routes you use will depend on how condent everyone is on their bikes. For those just starting out there are loads of traffic-free options. More confident riders might enjoy spending some time at higher speeds on the road.

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Beach fun

With countless beautiful beaches, Kenyan coast is a great place to do picnic with good family company and to spend some time with sand between your toes , so why not let the sound of the ocean soothe away the stresses of life? Little ones will have the time of their lives running in and out of the sea.

Camp beneath the stars

If you have little ones who are interested in stargazing then a trip to somewhere outside the brightly-lit city will be a wonderful gift. You could combine your space sightseeing with some outdoor cooking and eating.


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