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These are the gifts to consider in each stage of your relationship

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Gifting someone is one of the most thoughtful things one can do because it makes them feel special and loved. But before receiving that gift, your partner needs to identify what you love/like because it will guide him/her. If you have been wondering what to get your boyfriend or girlfriend, here are some gift ideas for every stage of your romantic relationship:

  • A few dates stage

This stage is when the relationship is new and it can be difficult to think of what gift to give because you are observing what your partner likes. When there are a few dates, you can simply opt for a bottle of wine, go out together, a home cooked meal or pocket friendly accessory like a nice pen or bracelet.

  • A few months date stage

This starts from four months onwards. At this stage you will want to pick something personal but useful. This should be a gift that shows you have put some thought into it. The gift should be something practical that can be used later even if the relationship will not last. This will be one part of the memories you had together.

For this stage, it’s more knowing gifting your partner regards their personality. For instance; if they love to read gift them an interesting novel.

  • The One Year plus stage

For this stage you have dated for a year onwards. For couples that have been together for a year and more may want to do something bigger and memorable. Opt to take your partner for a surprise getaway weekend or surprise him/her because at this point you already know your partner. This is where you can get creative especially intimately. Just think outside the box.

  • The Happily Married stage

Once you say ‘I do’ to one another this means it’s a long term commitment. At this stage you already know your partner well and it’s so easy to gift but it may be challenging. This is because at these stage there could be kids involved and the responsibilities could double up and gifting is never a priority anymore. To keep the relationship going, treat your spouse to a spa date, go for zip lining, a night out at your first clubbing spot, baby sit the kids together or attend a stand-up comedy.

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