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Suprising health benefits of cuddling

Couple cuddling

Holding someone close in your arms is a sign of showing love and affection. And sometimes all one needs to feel better could be a hug away.

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Not everyone’s cup of tea, this close embrace has healing powers that goes beyond the physical.

Do not underestimate the power of putting in cuddle time for you and your partner. According to research, there are health benefits to cuddling. The next time one of you thinks it’s too hot and wants space in the bed, here are five reasons to remember as to why you need that close contact.

  1. Helps reduce stress and blood pressure

Having physical contact helps relieve stress. When you kiss or hug someone, the act of physical touch increases the level of oxytocin in your body, which is the hormone that helps with bonding. This reaction then reduces your blood pressure which in turn reduces your risk of heart failure. It also helps reduce your anxiety and stress.

  1. It feels good

Cuddling and holding causes the release of the oxytocin hormone which is often referred to as the feel-good hormone. This is because it gives a feeling of well being and happiness. Cuddling will also lead to you releasing endorphins which will add to your feeling of elation.

  1. Helps the woman bond with her baby and partner

According to research, oxytocin plays a huge role in linking the baby and the mother during child birth and breastfeeding. Women raised with insecure attachments often find it hard to connect with their babies and partners. Cuddling your child and partner will help in creating an attachment you just need to find the right balance and not over do it.

  1. It makes you feel sexy

Since cuddling involves getting close to your partner physically, you get to relax and have some post intercourse quality loving time. It also leads to a chemical reaction where you release dopamine, a hormone that causes excitement and sexual desire. This is a win-win as sex is not only good for your physical fitness but for your mental health too.

  1. It will help you communicate better

Cuddling is a form of non-verbal communication with your partner.  When you cuddle or have non-erotic physical touch, you communicate to your partner that you care and understand them without having to use words. It also creates a sense of empathy and will lead to a stronger relationship. 

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