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How to slay in thigh high boots

If you want to show a little flesh while still being sexy without being trashy, thigh high boots will add some major style points to your outfit.

No matter how boring your outfit may be, the versatility of these boots will give you that extra oomph you desire. Better still, you don’t have to wait for the cold rainy seasons to rock one. They are a wardrobe staple for every fashion forward woman who doesn’t mind making a statement.

To get you started, here are tips to factor in when wearing these long boots.

  • Keep your outfit less flattering

The reason for this is because thigh high boots add a serious dash of sexiness to any outfit it is worn with. For that reason, think of pieces like a boxy shift or oversized shapeless sweater which balances the inherent sexiness of the shoe style.

  • Factor in the hue

Work your boots through your outfit to complement each other. Unless you’re going for a monochromatic look, add a subtle touch of high-fashion drama without screaming it from the rooftops by throwing in bold pieces. This is where you can consider hue-on-hue layering.

  • Sock it up

A super chic way that borrows from boho is to go all out with your thigh boots by pairing them with a similar or complementary colored thigh high socks. This is also a good way for adding length should your short or shorts be too short.

  • Coats

Coats and thigh boots were made for each other. Overcoats and long trench coats  do wonders letting you rock all sorts of short, tight and sexy bottoms all the while letting the long cut of the coat slim and chic up the look.

  • Layered bottom

This statement boot gives you plenty of room to add volume and texture on top. For instance, you can add color by playing with layers or throw on a bright statement bag.


  1. Paired with a sweater dress

One way to wear an oversized sweater or sweater dress is by pairing it with thigh boots. Not only does it look cool and cozy but it keeps you warm on those cold days without losing your style.

  1. Thigh boots with button down oversized shirt

If you’re looking for a different way to wear your shirt consider pairing it with thigh high boots to create the impression of a dress. This works especially well with chambray shirts.

  1. Layered look

If you feel too naked, go for layers. All it may take is a simple plaid shirt or denim jacket to give you some coverage all the while without losing the appeal.

  1. Paired with a trench coat

Wearing thigh high boots on those chilly days with a classic style trench will always afford you a modern and classy style.

  1. Denim jeans with THB

Let your outfits be unforgettable by pairing your denim bottoms away from the cliché sneakers, heels or flats. Go for a thigh high boot instead and the final result is an effortless chic look.

  1. With tiny bottoms

There is no better way to wear your tiny shorts, skirts or dresses than with thigh boots. This creates the illusion of coverage while giving a peek of your thighs showing just enough skin.

  1. Peep toe THB

Channel some Kim Kardashian into your outfit by opting for a peep toe thigh high boot that works perfectly with anything it is paired with.

  1. Work attire

To pull these boots off to an official or work environment, keep the outcome very simple and clean. The colors in this case need to be muted.

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